Rafting Trip for 2

Rafting Trip for 2

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Whitewater Challengers, Inc.
Dexter, NY

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Item Name: Rafting Trip for 2

Item Number: 139_140




Thank you to Whitewater Challengers for our next item up for bids! This certificate entitles you to a Whitewater Rafting trip for two on the Black River. It includes all of your equipment, guides and shuttle ride. All of their guides are NYS licensed and are simply the best. Bid now and bid high for the most fun you'll have all year! Visit them online at WhitewaterChallengers.com. AVAILABLE ANY SUNDAY THROUGH FRIDAY ONLY. NO CASH VALUE. EXPIRES OCTOBER 1, 2014. RESERVATION REQUIRED, SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. CALL 1-800-443-8554 FOR RESERVATIONS.