Set of 3 New York Books

Set of 3 New York Books

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Melanie Zimmer
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Item Name: Set of 3 New York Books

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This a package of 3 books written by storyteller and folklorist Melanie Zimmer and published by The History Press. Central New York and the Finger Lakes Myths, Legends and Lore describes legendary, mythological and folkloric tales beginning with the Iroquois, and progressing throught the Revolutionary War. Forgotten Tales of New York deals with the entire state of New York excluding New York City and Westchester County and tells the stories of numerous locations and individulas whose stories are seldorm recalled. Curiosities of Central New York delas largely with the myths, legends and folklore of Central New York revealing additional stories from that region. This book tells tales of witchcraft, including the story of the witch doctor of Steuben, various stories of monsters and much more.