Large Tote

Large Tote

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La Mia Designs
Gabriels, NY

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Item Name: Large Tote

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Thank you to La Mia Designs for our next item. This is a large tote with leather handles and a tri-front pocket. Made with brown leather and re-purposed upholstery fabric. The lining is vintage solid sea foam cotton fabric with heavy weight stablizer between fabric layers. This tote is perfect for any event, shopping or toting to the library! Local artist , Stephanie DeJoseph,founder of La Mia Designs,an eco- conscious business, creates handcrafted items such as original artwork,unique photographic images, handbags,jewelry, and home accent pieces such as furniture. In addition to customizing interiors , she strives to produce exciting products and services with you and your desires in mind. La Mia products and services can be found in the galleries, homes and businesses of Northern NY and severa online venues.