Gift Boxed/Schnauzer 'Rouser/Pick of the Crop

Gift Boxed/Schnauzer 'Rouser/Pick of the Crop

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Donated By:
Mia Lane
Demorestville, ONT

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Item Name: Gift Boxed/Schnauzer 'Rouser/Pick of the Crop

Item Number: 110




This triptych features three prints from Mia Lane. The first print, Gift Boxed, features Sherri, a Boxer pup that could melt anyone's heart, and then in the next minute get into any box in no time flat. What else would you expect from a Boxer? This print is number 78 of 480. The second print, Schnauzer Rouser, features small, yet robust and very inquisitive, Mini Schnauzers who were willing to tackle any job. This piece is number 76 of 480. The third print, Pick of the Crop, features a little Sheltie who is quite at home on one of the many apple farms in Prince Edward County . This is another painting where there is a map of Mia's home county hidden in the grass. This last piece is number 132 of 480. Double matted in a brown inner mat and tan outer mat. It is framed in a 1-1/2inch wide dark wood with distressing. The overall piece measures 32 inches wide x 15 inches high. Each print is 8 inches square.