Certificate for Deluxe Venison Package

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Miller's Meat Market
Lowville, NY

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Item Name: Certificate for Deluxe Venison Package

Item Number: 591




This certificate is good for one deluxe venison package which includes skinning, cutting (deboned) to your specifications, grinding and/or bulk sausage, wrapped in freezer paper and flash frozen. Along with this, the high bidder will also receive one specialty item such as kielbasa, bologna, pepperoni, summer sausage etc. The Miller family has been in the meat business since 1962. Miller's Meat Market and Venison Processing Plant are located on #4 Road in Lowville, NY and can be reached at 315-376-6253. EXPIRES DECEMBER 31, 2015 NOT REDEEMABLE FOR CASH NOT REFUNDABLE OR EXCHAGEABLE