Certificate for Remote Car Starter- $270.00

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Audio Arsenal
Watertown, NY

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Item Name: Certificate for Remote Car Starter- 0.00

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Thank you to Audio Arsenal located on Arsenal St. in Watertown, NY for our next item up for bid. They have donated a G4 Series, Cool Start - Crime Stopper, car starter, that features a one button remote start. Bring your car starter to Audio Arsenal and let them install it for you, which is also included in this package! Some vehicles need a mobilzer module, which will be an additional fee. Audio Arsenal is your one stop for complete car audio customization and accessories. They have over 37 years of combined experience to help you create the ride of your dreams. They offer custom audio systems, a variety of car starters, and an array of aftermarket auto accessories to start. We are your complete auto customization center in Watertown, NY. BRING CAR STARTER BOX & CERTIFICATE TO AUDIO ARSENAL FOR INSTALLATION; SOME VEHICLES MAY REQUIRE AN ADDITIONAL FEE EXPIRES: JANUARY 31, 2015