12-Foot Diagonal Hexagon Pop-Up Gazebo

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Lowville Farmer's Co-op
Lowville, NY

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Item Name: 12-Foot Diagonal Hexagon Pop-Up Gazebo

Item Number: 415




Thank you Lowville Farmer's Co-op for donating our next item up for bid, a 12-foot portable diagonal Hexagon Pop-Up Gazebo. The flexible design of this portable gazebo makes it ready to get up and go! The gazebo features a double vented roof, an awning-style border and inside valance, all-around mosquito netting and corner curtains of polyester fabric in light and dark colors. The Lowville Farmers Co-op has been a farmer-owned business since 1920. The Hardware and Clothing Store of the Lowville Farmers Co-op is not only for farmers. They offer pet food, paint, electrical, plumbing, garden seeds, clothing, boots, and shoes. They custom cut pipe, glass, and plexiglass; in addition to farm and building supply departments. Bid now, this item won't last long!