$125 Custom Sound Protection Ear Plug Certificate

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Watertown Hearing Aid Center
Watertown, NY

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Item Name: 5 Custom Sound Protection Ear Plug Certificate

Item Number: 380




You are bidding on a set of custom sound protection ear plugs donated by Watertown Hearing Aid Center, located at 200 Mullin Street Suite 101 in Watertown, NY. Reduce the harmful effects of loud sounds without completely losing the capability to hear softer speech. They will protect your ears from power tools, lawnmowers, loud music, gun blasts and more. Great for job sights, home use of power tools, and shooting ranges. And best of all, they are custom made to fit perfectly into your ears for optimum protection. MUST BE PICKED UP AT WATERTOWN HEARING AID CENTER EXPIRES OCTOBER 31, 2015 NOT REDEEMABLE FOR CASH