Behavioral Assessment or 2.5 hr. Staff Development

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ADHD Educational Services
Watertown, NY

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Item Name: Behavioral Assessment or 2.5 hr. Staff Development

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This certificate is good for an academic and behavioral assessment or can be used for 2-1/2 hours of staff development on ADHD. ADHD Educational Services, 259 Thompson Blvd., Watertown, NY. Coaching for Academic and Behavioral Success before, during and after diagnosis. Academic Assessment and Parent Planning for the success of the ADHD child. Their mission is to foster an understanding of the ADHD child. Training formats for staff development of school and/or office personnel dealing with the ADHD child, ensuring avenues of treatment. They strive to ensure classroom success for each student through open communication with the school, home, and the medical community. NOT EXCHANGEABLE, REFUNDABLE OR REDEEMABLE FOR CASH EXPIRES MARCH 26, 2016 JEFFERSON AND LEWIS COUNTIES ONLY