10 Units Left OR Deliver - $300

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Field of Dreams Genetics LLC
Adams, NY

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Field of Dreams, owned by Gary and Janet Tubolino, of Adams, NY, want to provide quality dairy products to the customer, with all breeding stock bred and born in the United States. Field of Dreams strongly believes in Triple A ratings and only a handful of bulls worldwide have these ratings. High Reliabilities and Real Proofs made by Real Cows! No Imitations! Tonight the bidder gets to choose between 2 bulls, LEFT OR DELIVER The last night of the auction you have a choice between two wonderful bulls. Up for bid from LEFT or DELIVER is a rack of 10 units- worth $300! There are 35-40 million sperm per unit, to insure pregnancy, with the average being only 12 million with other artificial inseminators. 91HO4639 Tiger-Lily Real LEFT-Red-ET *PO GTPI +1792 This bull carries triple A ratings of 2-Tall, 3-Open, 4-Strong, 1-Dairy, 6-Style and 5-Smooth. LEFT is a red, polled bull, so there is no need to dehorn. His offspring are in demand around the world. His sire is Hurtgen-Vue Reality Red. Lefts ancestry and ratings make him a great partner for the daughters of Cupid, Legend, Classic, and Pepper. His dam and grand dam are EX with high components. 3 nearest dams all are excellent. 91HO4642 ZBW-SHD Beacon DELIVER ET GTPI +2110 DELIVER carries the A2A2 genotyping and he is a 4 year old bull. He carries a Triple A rating of 2-Tall, 3-Open, 4-Strong, 1-Dairy, 6-Style and 5-Smooth. Delivers mother, OCD Planet Diamond-ET (VG-87-DOM) sold for $70,000! Rud Zip (4E-95 GMD-DOM) FIELD OF DREAMS OVERBID INCENTIVE: Gary will give 10% off your next purchase. Certificate must be redeemed by December 31, 2015