10 Units CUPID-ET - $500

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Field of Dreams, owned by Gary and Janet Tubolino, of Adams, NY, want to provide quality dairy products to the customer, with all breeding stock bred and born in the United States. New this year is A2A2 Genotyping. There is an increasing organic market that is asking for this specific labeling. The technical definition of A2 milk is milk that is free of the A1 beta-casein. An A2A2 bull will transmit the A2 gene 100% of the time. An A2A2 cow bred to an A2A2 bull will result in an A2A2 calf 100% of the time. Field of Dreams strongly believes in Triple A ratings and only a handful of bulls worldwide have these ratings. 91H04607 Black-Brook Outside CUPID-ET Up for bid tonight from Cupid is a rack of 10 units- worth $500! There are 35-40 million sperm per unit, to insure pregnancy, with the average being only 12 million with other artificial inseminators. Cupid is known around the world as a highly recommended bull, with his Holstein Association rating of EX-94. Cupid is an outcross pedigree no Goldwyn, Shottle, Oman, Planet, or Durham. He also carries an A2A2 genotyping. The A2A2 genotype is considered to have positive effects on human health. The A2 variant has been shown to have a positive association with milk yield and protein content. This bull carries triple A ratings of 6-Style, 5-Smooth, 1-Dairy. Cupids 5 Nearest Dams are rated Very Good or Excellent Gold Medal Dams with over 1 million pounds of milk! This is the bull to help you increase your milk production. FIELD OF DREAMS OVERBID INCENTIVE: Gary will give 10% off your next purchase. Certificate must be redeemed by December 31, 2015