Community Chest - Rainy Day

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Watertown Teacher's Association
Watertown, NY

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Item Name: Community Chest - Rainy Day

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Thank you to the Watertown Teacher's Association for tonight's ''''Rainy Day'''' Community Chest. The theme for this chest is ""April Showers bring rainy day family activities and then May Flowers!"" The pupose of this chest is for families to come together during rainy days in the area and find activities to do together. They have included gift cards, movies, books, playdough, games and other fun activiites for families to partake in . They thought since the auction is being held in April, why not do a theme about the rainy weather we have been experiencing. This is a great way for families to pass the time together.The Watertown Education Association or WEA, represents over 300 teachers withing the Watertown City School District. They educate more than 4,000 students K-12 and work to improve the quality eduation that each child receives.