36H00401 Charlesdale EMPOWER 10 Units $350

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Field of Dreams Genetics LLC
Adams, NY

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Field of Dreams, owned and operated by Gary & Janet Tubolino, is located in Adams, NY. All Field of Dreams bulls have a concentrate of 35 million sperm per straw -about 3 times more than other artificial inseminators -to ensure pregnancy. Field of Dreams Genetics believes in great cow families that transmit great genetic traits.All breeding stock used by Field of Dreams is bred and born in the United States. Check the website at Fieldofdreamsgenetics.com. Gary can be reached by phone at 315-232-2841, 315-405-1588 or by fax at 315-232-4153. 36H00401 Charlesdale EMPOWER - ET Up for bid tonight is a rack - 10 units- of semen valued at $350. Empower is a Shottle son from the Elegance family! His sire is Picston Shottle-ET and his dam is Rolling-Spring Espreso-ET with a very good (87) rating! His triple A ratings are: 3 open; 2 tall; 4 strong; 1 dairy; 5 smooth; 6 style. His 4th dam back, Elegance, has 98 excellent rated descendents, to date - the only cow in the world with this distinction! Certificate must be redeemed by December 31, 2014 EXPIRES DECEMBER 31, 2014