2 pallets of Native Limestone Wallstone

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Bluestone Stone Yard
Adams, NY

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Item Name: 2 pallets of Native Limestone Wallstone

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Do you have a fireplace, garden wall or retaining wall that you have been eager to complete? Then bid on this item from Bluestone Stone yard - two pallets of native limestone wall stone. What a great way to start off your summer! Bluestone Stone yard is locally owned, and located at 8784 County Route 97 in Adams, New York and they are in their 15th year of business selling natural stone for patios, walks and walls. They can provide you with all your natural stone needs, including terracotta, bluestone, pink swirl, native fieldstone, custom cut stone benches & tables and more! Call them today at 232-4423 to complete your next project! DELIVERY FOR U.S. CUSTOMERS ONLY. DELIVERY CHARGES APPLY EXPIRES APRIL 1, 2015