Certificate for Wine and Cheese Cruise for 2

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Garnsey's Classic Island Cruises
Clayton, NY

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Item Name: Certificate for Wine and Cheese Cruise for 2

Item Number: 1157




Thank you to Garnsey's Classic Island Cruises in Clayton, NY for our next item up for bid. A 3-4 hour Wine and Cheese Tour of Millionaries Row for two people, valued at $150! Add up to four more people at an addional cost of $50 per person. This cruise includes a bottle of Coyote Moon wine of your choice, a platter of local meats and chesses from God Cup Farmers featuring River Rat Cheese and Croghan bologna. For more info visit them on the web at ClassicIslandCruises.com! NO EXPIRATION; NOT REDEEMABLE FOR CASH ADD UP TO 4 PEOPLE FOR AN ADDITIONAL $50 EACH