Eyeglass or Sunglass Frames

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Cosmetic & Laser Medispa at Center for Sight
Watertown, NY

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Item Name: Eyeglass or Sunglass Frames

Item Number: 1128_1132




Thank you to our Most Valuable Player, Watertown Eye Center and Cosmetic and Laser Medispa at the Center for Sight, for our next item this evening. You are bidding on a stylish pair of eyeglass frames that can be used with regular prescription lenses or for prescription sunglass lenses. This pair are a lavendar wire frame. These would be ideal for a second pair of glasses. Visit their website, CenterForSightNNY.com for more information and call (315) 788-6070 to schedule your appointment today! EXPIRES SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 PENDING MEDICAL CONSULT; NOT TO BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER DEAL, PROMOTION OR COUPON