Big Boss Multi-Blender and Greek Yogurt Maker

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Kinney Drugs
Potsdam, NY

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Item Name: Big Boss Multi-Blender and Greek Yogurt Maker

Item Number: 1120




Thank you to Kinney Drugs in Potsdam, NY and Kinney Drugs in Lowville, NYfor our next items up for bid, a Big Boss Multi-Blender System and a Greek Yogurt Maker. The Blender System has a 15 piece, interchangeable set, with 3 large cups and 6 assorted lids! Cups are dishwasher and microwave safe. The Yogurt Maker from Kinney Drugs in Lowville lets you make probiotic yogurt right from home, use any milk - even soy or almond milk! A recipe quide and meal plan included! Bid now, these items will go fast!