$1000 Advertising Package

All Star Auction

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TUNES 92.5 FM/Intrepid Broadcasting, Inc.
Watertown, NY

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Item Name: 00 Advertising Package

Item Number: 111




Bring your business into the spotlight with item #111, an Advertising package from Tunes 92.5, valued at $1,000.00. Tunes 92.5 plays a wide variety of the most popular songs of the last 3 decades; the music you grew up with, and still love today. Tunes 92.5 is community-minded and is proud to support the WPBS All Star Auction. Reach a diverse audience to promote your business with this package from Tunes 92.5. VALID FOR NEW CLIENTS ONLY. EXPIRES DECEMBER 31, 2015 BASED OFF OF $10 TRADE RATE; MAY NOT BE USED TOWARD OTHER PACKAGES