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Thank you to Silvana Gargione and Sina Araghi Photography, for our next item up for bid. This package features the St. Lawrence ABC's book written by Silvana Gargione a local author form Wellesley Island and Illustrated by Megan Gaffney from Bartlet Point. It's an alphabetical journey throuth the 1000 islands, hardcover and in full color. It includes a historical golssary of islands and informative maps. Also included is The River poster, from local photographer Sina Araghi. This is an image shot from Wellesley Island measuring 11 x 17 inches on heavy cardstock matte photo paper. Finally, along with the book and poster are four postcards of scenes from around the river and four illlustration postcards from the pages of the book by Megan Gaffney. Posters and postcards are availbe at Captain Spicers in Clayton, Blue Heron Coffee in Alexandria Bay and the Skydeck gift shop on Hill Island.