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Field of Dreams, owned by Gary and Janet Tubolino of Adams, NewYork, with over 40 years of experience, continue their mission to provide the best sires from the greatest cow families. With all the breeding stock born and raised in the United States to feed the US and the World, Field of Dreams strongly believes in Triple A Ratings with high reliabilities, high conception rates, and real cow families for generations and generations! Field of Dreams takes great pride in their country, their industry, and everyone who supports agriculture in the United States. EVERY Field of Dreams bull is 100% Registered Holstein Ancestry! 91H04646 CHERRY-LOR ERASER LUNAR-ET *PP Field of Dreams is very excited to offer LUNAR a very young HOMOZYGOUS (homo-zy-gus) POLLED bull to their lineup!! LUNARS sire and dam are both homozygous polled the only genes that can be received are the polled gene so the offspring would always be homozygous polled, therefore having no chance of horns. LUNAR also carries the A2A2 genotype, which is considered to have positive effects on human health. LUNAR is from Lefts cow family and a breed leader for High GTPI, A2A2, Super Components & Solid Type. He has Triple A Ratings of 3-Open; 4-Strong; 2-Tall; 1-Dairy; 5-Smooth and 6-Style. LUNARS 2nd dam is 5 generations of VG or EX with 1300 pounds of fat. Up for bid tonight from LUNAR is a rack of 10 units- worth $400! There are 35-40 million sperm per unit, to insure pregnancy. Certificate must be redeemed by December 31, 2016