Iris & Cherry Blossom

Iris & Cherry Blossom

Item Information

Item Name: Iris & Cherry Blossom

Item Number: art2_325

Artist: Embracing the Arts Books & Art

Size: 20 x 38"







These original watercolors have been donated to us by Embracing the Arts book and art store in Winchester, Ontario. Nora Brown has painted these original watercolors on watercolor paper. The first is a cherry blossom in pinks and green and the second is beautiful pink iris. Nora is a visual artist, working with the incredible versatility of Golden acrylic paints and watercolors. Nora is an active member of Rideau Lakes Artists Association, as well as Ottawa Mixed Media Artist. She is involved I several annual shows and has been juried and accepted at many. Visit her online at Each are framed in silver and double matted in cranberry and buff. Framing courtesy of Timeless Frames, located in Watertown, NY.