Dark Island Moon

Dark Island Moon

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Item Name: Dark Island Moon

Item Number: art2_306

Artist: John Morrow

Size: 34 x 24"

Type: Reproduction

Edition: 335/950



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"By the light of the silvery moon" It was late on a summer night when John and a friend were returning to his cottage near Chippawa Bay. As they passed an up bound ship in front of Jorstadt Castle ,they turned to look back . In the burning liquid glow of a midnight chop, a full moon illuminated the landscape with a magical transformation. That was in 1985; John carried that image in his head for the next 15 years until finally painting it in acrylics in the spring of 2000 This piece is double matted in white and dark blue and framed in a brushed, metallic silver frame. Framing courtesy of Timeless Frames located in Watertown, NY.

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