Harlequin & Teal Goose Eggs

Harlequin & Teal Goose Eggs

Item Information

Item Name: Harlequin & Teal Goose Eggs

Item Number: art2_147

Artist: Canadian Artist Slessor








This set features two goose eggs, each painted by Canadian Artist Slessor. The first egg measures approximately 4 1/2" long and the base color is teal. Around the egg, she has painted small, oval vignettes of different scenes each accented in gold. The second goose egg, measuring 3 1/2" long, is painted with multi-colored harlequin diamonds with small, square vignettes of a bird, flowers and landscape scene. Both are handpainted in a style unique to Slessor - "An heirloom to give". Each are signed by the artist and have golden thread loops for hanging.