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WPBS-DT, Watertown's Public Broadcasting, is pleased to present Whiz Quiz with Glenn Gough for the 2015 season. This year celebrates the 36th year of Whiz Quiz, the longest running, local academic quiz production in the North Country. Whiz Quiz celebrates the academic excellence of high school students from both sides of the border.
Whiz Quiz will host twenty-eight American high schools from the surrounding counties. The competition is a single-elimination format, with members competing in televised matches. The competition will air Monday - Thursday at 7:30pm beginning October 19th and will continue through December with the Championship matches.
Tune in to celebrate the achievements of these talented students on Whiz Quiz with host Glenn Gough. All matches will be available for online viewing every Friday at watch.wpbstv.org

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About The Host

As former sports director and announcer at WWNY-TV/AM and host of North Country Sportsman on WWNY-TV, Glenn Gough is a mainstay in North Country's broadcasting community. He joined WPBS-DT in the fall of 1979 intending to work as a producer. Within months, he became Director of Programming, but still took advantage of opportunities to be involved in production. In 1980, WPBS-DT's Educational Services department developed the idea for a high school quiz show and Whiz Quiz was born. Over the years, Glenn juggled hosting Whiz Quiz by partnering with colleague Eddie Carvin (WPBS-DT producer) to share the job.

As long-time host of Whiz Quiz, some say Glenn is Whiz Quiz. When asked about his many years with the show, Glenn says,

"I enjoy it even at my "advanced" age. Whiz Quiz is a great thing for the station. I was in sports programming and know that athletes tend to get all the attention. This is one show that truly salutes academic performers. Plus I get to meet so many great kids."

Whiz Quiz Sponsors

Whiz Quiz is made possible by Corporate Support from the following organizations:

Scholarships awarded on Whiz Quiz are provided in part by:
the United States Air Force, Watertown Noon Rotary Club, Malone Rotary Club, and the Theresa Rotary Club.

"Whiz Quiz is an important program because it allows for the opportunity for high school students to participate in television. This experience involves the entire community when people are able to watch their students compete. Thank you!"

Tory Jones
Teacher and Advisor
Alexandria Central School

"Whiz Quiz provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge, as well as see how the television industry works."

Jessa Davis
Canton Central

"It gives students a chance to test their cumulative knowledge. It also provides an opportunity for students to bond with people they might not otherwise be friends with, and work together to show their teachers and community just how much they know."

Lauren Hill
Canton Central

"Practicing helps me to bone up on my knowledge of history, literature, math, science, and pop culture. When one knows these things, it is helpful in subjects and makes things interesting. Whiz Quiz is challenging, but fun, because you get a chance to be on TV!"

Alexandra Jacobs
Belleville Henderson

"It provides recognition for a few of our most deserving students, who seldom receive acknowledgement."

Francis Sprow
Colton-Pierrepont Central

"Whiz Quiz brings people of diverse interest together and gives the casual viewer another glimpse of America's future leaders and potential employees."

Donald Smith
Teacher and Advisor
Indian River Central

"It helps our most dedicated students deal with pressure situations and develop the confidence and poise necessary to blossom into tomorrow's leaders."

John Dixon
High School Principal
Gouverneur Central School

The 2015 American Whiz Quiz Champions are from the Thousand Islands High School, Clayton, New York. The Thousand Islands team, led by Advisor Melissa Balk, demonstrated the academic knowledge necessary to win the American Competition. Twenty-nine American high schools competed this year in the single elimination tournament. 

WPBS-DT is also pleased to congratulate the 2015 Canadian Whiz Quiz Champions, Bayridge Secondary School from Kingston, Ontario. Bayridge Secondary School, with their Advisor Cindy Eccles, captured the winning title over the two Canadian teams that competed. Canadian Whiz Quiz allows WPBS-DT to reach out to the Canadian high schools in our viewing area and to celebrate academic excellence on both sides of the border to better represent our broadcast community.

Thousand Islands High School and Bayridge Secondary School competed in the 2015 International Whiz Quiz Competition, with Thousand Islands High School prevailing. Thousand Islands High School will be presented with scholarship money during the Whiz Quiz Awards ceremony spring of 2016.

WPBS-DT Official Rules & Regulations

Revised August 2012


Welcome to Whiz Quiz! We hope the following guidelines will be helpful as you prepare your teams for competition. Take time to read and familiarize yourself with the rules as updates have been made. Please go over them with your team members. The Rule Acknowledgement Form must be signed by the advisor and returned to WPBS-DT before the competition begins. This form recognizes the advisor and the team members understanding of the rules and your agreement to abide by them. Thank you for participating in the Whiz Quiz competition.



Competition in Whiz Quiz is limited to students in Grades 7-12. Questions will be of High School (grades 9-12) level and interest.

Entry Fee

There is a $500 entry fee payable to WPBS-DT for each participating school. Your local BOCES district may offset this cost through a co-service agreement. WPBS-DT does not assume responsibility for finding sponsors for schools not covered by their BOCES district.

Scheduling of Matches

Taping schedules will be sent to the schools at least one month in advance of the start of the competition In the first round, schools are matched at random. Due to the number of people involved in creating Whiz Quiz, changes cannot be made except in extreme cases and with plenty of notice.


Students should dress professionally for competition. The students appearance is a direct reflection upon the team and the school. Please DO NOT wear school sports team jerseys, t-shirts or other casual clothing. This dress code will be enforced. If you have any questions on this dress code, please contact the Outreach Manager before your first match.

Arrival Time

Teams are asked to arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled match. Teams will wait in the stationConference Room until they are asked to enter the studio. Teams should not arrive more than 45 minutes before their match . We want only 2 teams in the conference room at one time. Please plan your transportation and travel time accordingly.

Use of Aids

No aids (dictionary, thesaurus, calculator, etc) will be allowed in competition. Pencil and paper will be provided for the students.


Team members may consult with each other before ringing in in rounds one, three and four. Team members may not consult in round two or after ringing in during any round. Prohibited consulting will result in the answer being counted as incorrect. If prohibited consulting occurs a second time, the answer will be counted as incorrect and there will be a 10 point deduction from the offending teams score. If consulting occurs a third time, the team is disqualified.

Moderator's Questioning

All questions will be only asked once, they will not be repeated. If the moderator is interrupted during the reading of a question by a team wanting to answer the question and they are incorrect, the moderator will finish the question for the other team if the game so dictates.

Timing of Match

Each match is timed for program formatting. The Outreach Manager will keep time. At the 25 minute mark, last question will be called. This is a production issue and in no way has to do with any factors of the game.

Spectators and Studio Rules of Conduct

Due to limited space, schools are asked to bring only 5 additional spectators, including alternates, into the studio for taping. Any more than 5 people will need to be approved in advance by the Outreach Manager. Spectators must remain seated at all times and quiet during the questioning periods. Mouthing answers, even accidentally, and/or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. The result will be removal from the studio immediately. All team members are expected to conduct themselves with the highest level of sportsmanship and professional behavior. If a team member directly involved in the match being taped commits any improper acts, including offensive language, taping will be stopped and they will be asked to leave the set. A team alternate will be chosen to take their place. If no alternate is available, the team will then forfeit the match. The Advisor is responsible for monitoring their team members behavior and will be held responsible for any incidents that occur.

Judges Rulings

All judges rulings are final and irreversible.


Teams are asked to leave the station after the taping is completed for their match. Teams are not permitted to watch another match being taped as it is distracting to the staff and the competitors.


If your team has a grievance with the match, it needs to be brought to the immediate attention of the Outreach Manager before you leave the building. Due to the format and taping schedule of the show, only grievances that affect the outcome of the match will be considered. A decision will be reached by the Outreach Manager and the Director of Programming and Development as to what course of action will be taken. These decisions are final.

Final Door Policy

Once your team has left the building, the game is considered FINAL.


Teams and their schools are NOT allowed to release information regarding matches and competitors to any type of media outlet to include but not limited to the internet, newspaper, television, radio, school newspaper and the such. All advisors receive the broadcast schedule for their use only . Information may be released regarding the matches only after they are broadcast.



At the beginning of each match, the moderator will introduce the two teams. At this time, each competitor will have a few moments to introduce themselves. Please state full name, year in school and a few activities or achievements. Keep it short and to the point please.

Round One: Smart Start

14 Total Questions (Language, Science, History, Fine Arts, Math, Literature, Geography) Questions are alternately directed to each school separately. Seven questions are asked of each team with a 5-second time limit to answer. The opposing team is not allowed to ring in on a question to the other team. 10 points are given for each correct answer and consultation before ringing in is allowed.


The moderator will conduct an interview with the opposing team in the same format.

Round Three: Know and Tell

24 Total Question-all will be 4 of a kind with the 4th question being a bonus (Science, Fine Arts, Math, History, Geography, Literature, Language) These questions are directed at both teams, either being allowed to ring in and answer. There is a 5 second time limit., Math receiving 7 seconds in this round only. If there is an incorrect answer given, the opposing team may answer. The question is repeated in its entirety only if the moderator is interrupted in the first reading of the question. 10 points are awarded for a correct answer and consultation before ringing in is allowed. The third question, if answered correctly, will offer a bonus question. If the bonus is answered correctly, 15 points will be awarded.

Round Four: Think Fast

Questioning ends when taping time has expired-no exact number of questions (History, Math, Geography, Language, Science, Technology, Literature, Fine Arts) These questions are directed at both teams, either being allowed to ring in and answer. There is a 5 second time limit on all questions. A question is only asked once. If a team answers incorrectly, the opposing team will have the exclusive opportunity to answer the next question. Once this question has been answered, regardless of the correctness, the next question is available for both teams to answer. 10 points are given for a correct answer and consultation before ringing in is allowed.

Tie Breaking Rule

In the case of a tie score, a question will be asked to both teams. Either team can answer with a 5 second time limit. If a team answers incorrectly, the opposing team will have the opportunity to answer with a 3 second time limit. If no correct answer is given, this format will continue. The first team with a correct answer wins the match.

Whiz Quiz

Whiz Quiz

As a two-nation station, WPBS-TV wanted to include its entire broadcast community, and, in the spring of 2001, began Whiz Quiz Canada - a competition among several schools in Kingston. The show caps off its season with an International Match - a pairing of the first place winner from Whiz Quiz against the first place winner in Whiz Quiz Canada.

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