Painting With Wilson Bickford

This greatly anticipated show is hosted by North Country native, artist and author Wilson Bickford. Well-known in the North Country community for teaching art classes and painting scenes of the Adirondacks, Bickford will be sharing his knowledge, work and talent with the artistically-inclined viewers in WPBS-TV's broadcast community.

Bickford has numerous online painting tutorials and demonstrations available to anyone online, but Painting With Wilson Bickford will be a special program for his fan base in the North Country community. On the subject of Bickford's new program, his student Helen Ziegler of Harrisville, NY stated: "Wilson is a great art teacher and has inspired many people to paint, who would never attempt it otherwise! As one of his students, and I think most of us feel the same, we can't wait for the opportunity to watch Wilson on a weekly basis on WPBS-TV."

Tracy Duflo, WPBS's Director of Production, has been involved with the program since day one. "Painting With Wilson Bickford isn't like any other locally-produced shows that we have on WPBS-TV, stated Duflo, It's great because our viewers can learn the techniques to create their own, unique works of art through watching Wilson. He's really amazing at what he does."

Thank you to all the donors that helped fund Painting with Wilson Bickford!

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