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Public television brings you programming that enables children to begin school ready to learn; brings riches of the natural world to your doorstep; gives you a front row seat to Broadway's best; and, broadens your understanding of the issues that affect your world. Your Membership helps to ensure that WPBS-DT continues to provide the highest quality programs and educational services for you, your family and for future generations to enjoy. Thank you for making a difference!

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Monthly Sustainer Membership
When you become a WPBS Sustainer, you can make ongoing monthly gifts through automatic credit/debit card deduction, or a monthly billing can be sent to you. This is a great choice for you if it is easier to give small monthly amounts than it is to give a “lump sum” each year.

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Receive our "Insights" Member Magazine, our ever-popular viewers' guide. This monthly journal offers an extensive listing of what's on WPBS-DT, as well as details about upcoming station events.

  • When you become a WPBS Member, you also have the opportunity to enroll your children as Junior Club Members at no extra cost! Enroll your own children, a niece, nephew, grandchild or a friend's child up to age of 12. Click here for Jr Club membership form

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