WPBS: Vision Quest

WPBS-DT is hosting a Brit Com Blitz on Saturday, August 16 from 6 - 11 pm. If you're a Brit Com fan, tune in for an exclusive screening event of six titles: May to December; Butterflies; My Hero; Moone Boy; Chef; and, The Old Guys. WPBS is committed to purchasing three titles out of the six of your favorites.


May to December (38 X 30 for a total of $ 5,320)Alec Callendar is a balding, small-town solicitor, with big-time dreams. His is a typically suburban legal practice, but privately he wishes he were more like his hero, Perry Mason. One day, into his life walks an angel, Zoe Angell, who has come to consult him about a divorce. On the face of it, an aging widower and a 27-year-old physical education teacher should have nothing in common. But a mutual love of old musicals and a whimsical sense of humor spark a romance which surprises not just Alec and Zoe, but also the entire office staff, his two grown-up children and the rest of their families and friends. Alec and Zoe fall deeply in love, despite seemingly endless pitfalls. Can Perry offer Alec any advice on how to handle an independent career woman of the '90s? If not, there is plenty of conflicting advice from everyone else.

Butterflies - (27 X 30 for a total of $ 3,920) Butterflies features the trials and tribulations of the Parkinson family. The series stars Wendy Craig as the suburban housewife Ria, Geoffrey Palmer as her husband Ben, and Nicholas Lyndhurst and Andrew Hall as their two tear-away sons. Ria is happily married to Ben, a successful dentist with a passion for butterflies. They live with their two teenage sons in a comfortable middle-class home. She has never wished for anything more in life, but as she approaches middle age, she begins to think that there is something missing... Ria strongly suspects that life is passing her by. 'I'm your cliche bored housewife,' she says. 'The children no longer need me and my head is full of wild dreams which I'm too exhausted to chase'. She feels that Ben and the boys take everything she does for granted - the cooking, the cleaning, being 'Mum'. In fact, the only thing that unites all three Parkinson men is that they agree on the awfulness of Ria's cooking. Custard has to be helped out of the jug while her gravy contains lumps that would have sunk the Titanic. And then one day she meets a handsome businessman, Leonard, and dreams that he will sweep her off her feet. They see each other in secret - it's just the excitement she's been looking for! But despite the fact that their relationship is purely platonic, Ria feels pangs of guilt...

My Hero - (51 X 30 for a total of $ 7,140) Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's health-food shop-owner George Sunday, alias the world's most famous superhero, Thermoman.Trouble is, Thermoman is not too familiar with Earth customs, so he is often embarrassingly honest and tends to take everything too literally. When he falls in love with nurse Janet Dawkins, his behavior appears most peculiar to her family and colleagues. Thermoman met Janet when he rescued her from the Grand Canyon, but since then his mission to save the world from destruction often comes in the way of his earthly romance. Day-to-day, the couple has to overcome the conflicts that arise from Thermoman's double life. Did Janet really have to put his suit in the wash on the day when an abandoned space station was on course to destroy Grimsby? Should George stay for lunch with Janet's parents or fly off to stop an erupting volcano? Will George's life be worth living if he flies off? Even Thermoman can't be in two places at once, and his continually disappearing in and out of the toilet in Janet's tiny suburban flat or at the surgery is not easy to explain. Ardal O'Hanlon from the hit comedy, Father Ted, plays the lovable superhero from planet Ultron in this new romantic comedy. Emily Joyce from Grafters is Janet, the nurse from Northolt he literally sweeps off her feet. My Hero also features: Hugh Dennis as Dr Piers Crispin, Janet's vain boss and ardent suitor; Geraldine McNulty as Mrs. Raven, the doctor's receptionist who can't stand patients or Dr Crispin; Philip Whitchurch as next-door-neighbor Tyler, whose brains were fried in the Sixties; Tim Wylton and Lill Roughley as Janet's doting parents who think George a complete maniac; Lou Hirsch (Superman III) as Thermoman's cousin Arnie, a 'defrocked' superhero who has had his special powers confiscated for dodgy dealing; and Moya Brady as Avril, George's besotted, drippy health-food assistant.

Moone Boy - (12 X 30 for a total of $ 1,920) A warm family comedy series about a young boy growing up in a chaotic and creative household in late 1980s Ireland. This semi-autobiographical series is written by and stars Chris O'Dowd as the imaginary friend of 11 year old Martin, the youngest child in the large, loud Moone family. Headed by Martin’s sign writer father, who longs to be an artist and his frazzled mother, this is a family with a lot of love where everyone tends to pull in different directions! Martin has a unique view of life, dealing with enterprising school bullies with the help of his imaginary friend, who also narrates his adventures. But while most boys would dream up a superhero sidekick, Martin's pal is a man in his mid-30s with the most common name in Ireland!

Chef - ( 19 X 30 for a total of $ 3,000) Meet Britain's finest--and most ill-tempered--chef, played to perfection by comedian Lenny Henry. Gareth Blackstock, chef at the prestigious restaurant Le Chateau Anglais, lets nothing interfere with his quest for culinary excellence. Food is his life--so why doesn't everyone else appreciate his obsession? Gareth takes great pains to set the most exacting standards for his kitchen staff, but they show their gratitude by bending or breaking the rules whenever they can. (By the way, just what was it that the sous chef lost in the veal stew?) And the customers! Although every single one of Gareth's meals is a masterpiece, some people still have the nerve to ask for salt. Even his beautiful wife, Janice, lacks Gareth's enthusiasm; bored being a neglected housewife she'd rather go back to her high-powered job in finance. Gareth dreams of being head chef and proprietor of his own restaurant, but a few obstacles--like no money--stand in his way. With Janice's patient help, he overcomes the bank manager's doubts and qualifies for a loan. Suddenly, ownership brings exposure to the harsh realities of restaurant management--including a 15% budget cut and persuading his kitchen staff to work for nothing (and double up as serving staff!)

The Old Guys - (12 X 30 for a total of $ 1,680) Housemates Tom and Roy are the ying to each other's yang. Roy is well-read, organized, clean and sensitive. Tom, well, isn't. As both of them settle into retirement, they are faced with the prospect of life simply not turning out quite how they imagined. Tom, a widower, retains a complicated relationship with daughter Amber, while Roy, childless, is almost over the fact that his ex-wife Penny left him for a man named Des nearly two years previously. Despite all the heartbreak they remain well-rounded, emotionally stable individuals. Apart from Tom trying to force Roy to marry him for money, fighting over a courtesan from Belarus, and an extremely unhealthy obsession with their sexy neighbor, Sally. Together, however, they manage to muddle through life answering the important questions that retirement poses. Questions involving religion, true-love and precisely how early is too early to start drinking in the day. Despite all the arguments, bickering and competition between them, their friendship is real and lasting. Who else can you turn to when your pound shop orange cagoule turns your face the same color, or when you discover the beauty and simple pleasure of watching the television through glasses made out of wafer-thin ham? Original, funny and only a little distasteful this new comedy, a modern-day, The Odd Couple, takes a fresh look at retirement and the joys of growing old disgracefully.


Eastenders four episodes air back-to-back for a two-hour Eastenders Marathon. WPBS begins right where we left off. Join WPBS as we return to London's East end.
Chrissie attempts to call a truce with Sam. A teenage stranger arrives in Walford looking for her day. Sasha comes to the end of her tether with Adi, and Sonia and Martin's fun is brought to an abrupt halt.
Johnny is stunned to discover his daughter Ruby, on the Square. Sonia is determined to find out the truth about the car crash victims while a sudden disappearance causes distress for the Ferreiras.

The Ferreiras reach the end of the road with Johnny and take emergency action, leaving Kareena forced to make a heartbreaking choice. Sonia attends the funeral and comes face to face with her little girl.

Sonia is tempted to visit Chloe, despite the mounting tension between her and Martin. Stacey introduces Ruby to the wonders of Walford while Johnny attempts to make up with Tina. Jane is dreading the school holidays with Ian and his kids.

Being Poirot - Hosted by award-winning actor Stanley Tucci. After 25 years of playing one of television's greatest icons comes to an end, David Suchet attempts to unravel the mysterious appeal of the great detective Hercule Poirot. Along the way, he reveals what it has been like to play one of fiction's most enduring and enigmatic creations. In this entertaining and revealing documentary, Suchet allows the camera crew to follow him as he prepares for the emotional final days of filming on set. He has solved many mysteries and answered many questions - and now, as the story of Poirot reaches its conclusion - it is finally time to turn the spotlight onto the Belgian detective himself - a man who has remained an enigma for the best part of a century, a man who appeared so real that the New York Times felt it right to publish his obituary.Suchet returns to Agatha Christie's summer home in Devon, where he first met the author's family after taking on the role a quarter of a century ago, and travels to Belgium,where he attempts to find Poirot's roots and discover what the Belgians think of one of their most famous sons. This special will also tease plot twists and turns of the new and final series of Poirot films, including Curtain, the detective's final case. Added in to this journey - and woven throughout the narrative of Suchet's journey - our cameras are there as he comes to the end of another journey - his own twenty-five year portrayal of Hercule Poirot. The documentary will feature behind-the-scenes, on-set, footage as Poirot prepares to face the final curtain. Being Poirot is a fitting tribute to the end of an era in public television, and to a character millions have come to love yet know remarkably little about.

Masterpiece Mystery “Dead Man’s Folly - David Suchet ("Henry VIII," "The Way We Live Now") returns in his signature role as suave Belgian super sleuth Hercule Poirot in two new mysteries, "The Big Four" and "Dead Man's Folly," based on the novels by Agatha Christie. Whether he's on holiday abroad, taking a countryside break or simply going about his business near his central London home, Poirot finds himself exercising his "little grey cells" by helping police investigate crimes and murders, whether they ask for his help or not. A wealthy financier and his wife stage a grand party at their new summer home. Poirot (David Suchet) is a reluctant guest, urged to attend by his old friend Ariadne Oliver (Zo Wanamaker), who suspects the "murder hunt" game she is preparing may turn out to be a real murder.